My musings on attending to relationships

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It’s amazing how reading Rapt has summarized so much of what I’ve learned over these many years of studying psychology and relationships (mostly my own personal and professional ones). It’s at once affirming and refreshing. It also enlightens me to techniques that have their hopeful, future effect on a long-term, romantic relationship of yours truly. And, it demonstrates habits I will look to work through to more healthy communications with future lovers.

I feel like I’m in a strange emotional place in life (which is not so abnormal to any other time if I really spent more time scrutinizing, but I won’t…), having so many options as it relates to men in my life right now. At the same time, I don’t want to limit myself or disregard genuine interest in me because of a belief that my current life and lifestyle are not conducive to a “real” relationship. With factors as lofty as intellect, attraction and wealth, I am resigned to dismiss much of the attention I receive. I guess I just need a hug.

I have become aware that my desire to reach greater goals is very motivating when I’m stuck in a rut. And it’s focusing on minuscule goals long-term that may be self-defeating, for me; though, I still intend on tracking them. I have always been able to “dream big” and I need to start doing so again, using better judgment along the way. I have the faculties. I have so much more experience today to guide me to better outcomes. To not use that would be a disservice to my life and times and my support network.

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