Lessons Learned: Day Umpteenth, 123 Movies Edition

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So, studiously, I decided to do my research before I started the 123Movies project. I figured I’d read a bit about film viewing, review what I could find about the first few movies that I was going to see, and then start watching them post haste.

I started out Google-ing “how to watch a movie” and came up with some interesting results for pages giving how-to guides on analyzing and critiquing film. Just what I wanted! I especially enjoyed this article that posited fully appreciating the magic is a responsibility of the movie viewer. It organized film into various categories of production, and gave pointers on what aspects to scrutinize while watching. I perused a few more sites giving similar, detailed how-to’s on the subject of critical film-watching, including a presentation or two on the topic. A quick trip to the library unlocked a panoply of resources and I plan to take several trips back to the library for further reading.

So, next up was finding the actual movies to watch. This was a challenge and took much more time than I thought it would. So, here I am months delayed, but not all hope is lost! I’ll be revisiting my schedule in the next day or so, updating it to the new, realistic schedule.

Finally, since I keep getting asked about the order of the films, schedule and such, I’m going to throw up a site that will include all that, and possibly a feed of these #123Movies posts, so it’s easily accessible in one place.

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