And, it begins again

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It’s been about two or three years since I’ve been publicly blogging, though I’ve continued to journal in a private blog as well as the blogs I maintain for my clients. Unfortunately, that means no one who knows me sees my writing. So I thought it was about time to kick my publishing output into gear. If you’re reading this, you probably know me. If you don’t know me, why are you here?! Just kidding! You’ll get to know me through my writing. If you want to get to know me quickly, just request access to my Twitter profile and read about a dozen of my posts to get an idea of what circles my thoughts on a daily basis.

I’m open to publishing in other media, so feel free to suggest one to me. I’m unlikely to jump onto YouTube for a while, but if I get up enough nerve to put my face on camera, maybe. Because of the issues of public-private identity conflict on the web, I’m choosing to keep the pseudonymity of “rayconteur” separate from my public, professional digital identity for the near long-term. As society changes, perhaps that will make it easier for me to have less division and greater protection to enjoy sharing my thoughts.

I warn you that I will be writing without much filtering. If you don’t like reading about my special flavors of politics, religion, social commentary, eccentric projects and so forth, you may want to leave now. As best as I can, I won’t flame about anyone that I know, but to the extent that I will include anyone in my life I’ll change their names and details in order to try to conceal their true identity.

I hope you enjoy my updates and musings.

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